Beautiful Eyes CD

The Beautiful Eyes EP was exclusive to Wal-Mart in 2008 and featured two new songs that at the time were not and are not currently available on any of Taylor's full-length albums. "I Heart ?" and "Beautiful Eyes" are two songs only available on this EP! Beautiful Eyes also features a video DVD with 6 music videos and more. 

Taylor Swift® "Beautiful Eyes" CD 
℗©2008 Big Machine Records, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Photography by Joseph Anthony Baker ©2008 Big Machine Records, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 
1."Beautiful Eyes" 
2."Should've Said No" (Alternate Version) 
3."Teardrops on My Guitar" (Acoustic Version) 
4."Picture to Burn" (Radio Edit) 
5."I'm Only Me When I'm with You" 
6."I Heart ?"

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